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Septic System Repair

There aren’t too many things that are worse than a malfunctioning septic system. A whole host of problems can be caused by a number of different factors.

Whether you have foul-smelling wet spots in your yard or sewage backing up into your home, you need a professional to properly diagnose the issue.

common septic system problems


If you aren’t pumping your tank frequently enough (every 3-5 years), or are putting harmful things into your system (grease, feminine products, flushable wipes, excessive amounts of detergents/cleaning products), you’re more than likely going to experience problems. These can wreak havoc on your entire septic system. Solid waste build-up in your tank can lead to a clogged filter, distribution box, or drain field. Early build-up of solids in your drain field is also known as sludge, which prohibits your drain field from functioning properly.  


We love trees, but some types of tree roots tend to penetrate drain lines restricting the proper flow of wastewater. Worse still, if a root is allowed to grow in your system long enough, it can block off lines completely.

Damaged Drain Lines

Damaged drain lines can cause sewage to leach out into your yard, or even worse, back up into your home.

So what do you do?

Septic system repair is not a Do-It-Yourself home project. There are a number of things to contend with; first, it is often not apparent what the actual cause of the issue really is. Second, there are a whole host of federal, state, and county laws and regulations surrounding the care and repair of septic systems. Finally, you can end up doing far more damage to your system if you do something wrong in the repair process.

As the owner of Motivation Septic Services, I will come and take a look at your system and ensure that you fully understand the problem, offering my many years of experience and give you a clear, no-nonsense estimate. I use only the highest quality materials and offer competitive pricing.

With such a complex system that you rely on each and every day, you want to ensure you’re working with a company that cares about you and your family. Almost all of our customer base comes from word-of-mouth, which means that former customers of mine think highly enough of my quality of work and reasonable prices to tell their friends. I think you’ll have the same experience. In short, you’re not going to find a company that’s more sensitive to your needs and your wallet.

Septic System Repair Services

Drain Field Expansions
Tank Replacements
Fixing Broken Pipes, Pumps, Filters, and Components
Jet Washing Drain Lines

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